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Barcode Scanners


Motorola DS6707 Corded Barcode Scanner


The DS6707-HC corded 2D imager combines the functionality of a 1D and 2D bar code scanner, digital camera and document scanner in a single device.

  • Disinfectant-ready plastic housing
  • 1.3 Megapixel imaging supports image capture and bar code scanning
  • Support for all major 1D, PDF, postal and 2D symbologies
  • 6 ft./1.8m drop specification, tempered glass exit window
  • 360° omni-directional scanning; wide working range, laser aiming pattern
  • Text enhancement technology ensures legibility
  • Multiple on-board interfaces; universal cable compatible
  • RSM (Remote Scanner Management) Ready

Motorola DS6878 Corded Barcode Scanner


The DS6878-HC cordless imager features an intuitive and ergonomic design that enables the dependable and rapid capture of bar codes and other images.

  • USB charging capability eliminates the headaches normally associated with mounting a cordless scanner to a medical cart, computer cart or workstation
  • Disinfectant-ready with IP43 sealing and a specially designed plastic housing
  • Easy to hold, lightweight ergonomic design that reduces fatigue
  • Superior durability — has the ability to survive 6 ft./1.8m drops to concrete
  • Comprehensive advanced data capture including 1D and 2D bar codes, signatures, documents, facial images, video footage and more
  • Superior high-performance scanning on all bar codes
  • Bluetooth® v2.1 with EDR for a secure wireless connection to the scanner base station
  • RSM (Remote Scanner Management) ready

Zebra Barcode Printers


Zebra HC100 Barcode Wristband Printer


Easily print wristbands with a wristband printer designed for healthcare and hospitality.  The only wristband printer in the industry that offers easy to load media cartridges to provide user friendly, hassle free printing. 

Zebra G-Series GK Desktop Printers


These desktop label printers offer a basic, affordable option for hospitals who want to start automating. 

Zebra ZT200 Industrial Printer


Zebra incorporated extensive customer feedback to create the new ZT200 Series family of printers with elegant space saving design, effortless setup, intuitive user operation, and ease of service and maintenance