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Self-Service Kiosks from PatientWay


The PatientWay Suite is built around our Registration Kiosk product. PatientWay self-service check-in kiosks provide measurable benefits for patients and hospitals alike. In our deployments check-ins are fully automated at the kiosk, saving huge resources in staff and patient time combined with efficiencies from improved patient data.

PatientWay Kiosk features

  • Multilingual: Automatically work in a 65+ languages
  • Accessible: Conforms to ADA requirements for wheelchair users plus screen reader for visually impaired and low-literacy patients.
  • Wayfinding and Printing: Extensive wayfinding instructions for patients and automatic print jobs in patient’s the clinical area
  • Queuing and Flow Management: Queue patients with flexible mechanisms including “Take a Number” and waiting room “Now Serving” displays
  • Payments: Process credit cards and interface with your organization’s backend account management system
  • Satisfaction Surveys: Deliver custom satisfaction surveys at the kiosk to collect real time patient feedback


With the PatientWay Wayfinding solution, patients are able to navigate to destinations with your hospital, while having the route displayed on a map in real-time. Make it easy for visitors to navigate through your facility PatientWay’s intuitive and easy to maintain Wayfinding system. Designed for English and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) users alike.

30% Savings for Check-In Kiosks