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MobilityMedic_Logo.jpgOver time, most hospitals acquire a variety of computing devices and point of care from different manufacturers, putting a burden on biomed and IT to support an array of devices, rather than perform more critical tasks. With decades of experience in serving the needs of hospital device care, Winola Lake Health IT supports all manufacturers’ point of care products through our Mobility Medic Cart Services. With Mobility Medic, we provide service and preventative maintenance as well as power system and technology upgrades. We can even provide a spares pool on site or in our location that will allow for 99% uptime with your devices.

How Much can Your Hospital Save with Mobility Medic?


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Click here to try our Mobility Medic Savings Calculator. You'll be able to see just how much your hospital can save by trusting Winola Lake Health IT to improve the performance of your current carts instead of buying new carts.


Don’t Let Keeping Devices Up and Running Wear Out Your Staff

With our Mobility Medic Cart Services, Winola Lake Health IT can supplement the biomed/engineering department and free them up from servicing point of care devices. Winola Lake Health IT can provide scheduled on site maintenance weekly, monthly or bi monthly depending on your demands. Mobility Medic services can also include asset management, service history reports and warranty tracking on all point of care products, giving you comprehensive visibility into the health of your device fleet.

Mobility Medic Cart Service Plans

  • Wellness: SLA Battery Replacement and Extended Warranty
  • House Call: On-Site Service
  • Check Up: Preventative Maintenance
  • Consult: Installation and Integration
  • Booster: Battery Technology Upgrade

To download the Mobility Medic - Cart Services data sheet, please click here.

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