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Computerized Physician Order Entry Solutions

CPOE_inside.jpgAs hospitals migrate away from hand-written patient charts to EMR systems and computerized physician order entry (CPOE), it is ultimately the physicians themselves who determine the effectiveness of the CPOE solution. By making doctors comfortable with the devices and workflow and providing convenient training options, Winola Lake Health IT can maximize your CPOE usage.

An Experienced Approach to Driving CPOE Adoption

The Winola Lake Health IT team is well versed in the challenges of deploying technology throughout the hospital, particularly to a staff of busy doctors who may or may not be open to new practices like CPOE. We begin by finding the doctor best fit to take a leadership position within the physician ranks to promote the technology and be a trusted voice in the transition process. Then as mobile technology experts, Winola Lake Health IT assesses current workflows and processes to provide the right devices in the right locations for physician use.

In order to provide a superior physician training experience, Winola Lake Health IT creates custom computer-based training (CBT) modules. These CBT are self-paced and can be installed on a website, the hospital Intranet or distributed on digital media so physicians can view them at home. This keeps doctors out of the classroom and in the ER, OR and patient rooms where they best benefit your patients and your bottom line.

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