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homehealthcare_inside.jpgWhat if there was a way to maximize the schedule of home health nurses while also improving patient care? With a current paper based model for nurse scheduling and patient medical charts, the 15 minutes per patient the nurse spends filling out paperwork likely costs the nurse and the agency an extra stop per day. In addition, the time wasted in returning and processing the paperwork delays payment multiple days, hindering the agency’s cash flow. Winola Lake can help with real-time access to information by nurses in the field.

Collect and Transmit Data at the Point of Care, Wherever It Is

Winola Lake Health IT helps automate paperwork for home health care nurses with wireless computers that allow access to real time data, eliminate duplication of information and enable submission to payers for reimbursements the same day. The Winola Lake Health IT solution can generally save the nurse enough time to make one additional stop per day, boosting revenues for the agencies while maintaining a high level of care for every patient.

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