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Intelligent enterprise communication system
With STAT Ticket from Winola Lake Health IT, you make it easy for staff to report incidents—which means they’re addressed faster. With just one click of a mouse, send a message that is automatically routed to the appropriate department and a help desk ticket is automatically opened.

  • Report issues
  • Ask questions
  • Make suggestions

STAT Ticket keeps it simple: one click of a mouse for help desk and incident reporting across all areas of your hospital. Don’t waste time tracking down a person, department, or application. Just click on the STAT Ticket icon, type a message, and “SEND”. The intelligent communication system uses programmed rules to make sure the message is delivered to the right subject matter expert. The modules can be configured to deliver via text, email, voice call, web service, or custom integration.

  • One-click, front-end incident reporting
  • Interface to any Web-based ticketing system
  • Compatible with any device and network
  • Automatically captures back-end information and screen shots
  • Interfaces to any ticketing system

Plug that hole in your incident reporting with STAT Ticket from Winola Lake Health IT. Contact us for information on our 30-day trial program.

Get a closer look at STAT Ticket and see how it simplifies help desk reporting. Join Winola Lake Health IT President Rick Hodges for a one-hour webinar, including a Q & A session. Click here to choose the date that’s most convenient for you.

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