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Winola Lake Health IT’s SmartSupply Health Solution Simplifies Supply Chain for Healthcare Providers In Six High-Utility Modules

Pipersville, PA – October 27, 2016 – Winola Lake Health IT, leading provider of healthcare IT and point of care technology solutions, recently announced the release of six high-utility product modules as part of its SmartSupply Health supply chain solution.

Designed for the sole purpose of serving the unique requirements of healthcare and life sciences applications, SmartSupply Health brings advanced supply chain visibility and control to healthcare providers with a simplicity that stands in stark contrast to traditional enterprise solutions.

The decision to modularize the offering, which first made its official debut in July at AHRMM16, came in response to each individual hospital’s need for specific turnkey functionality. Among the product’s six modules are SmartHouse, SmartMove, SmartPredict, SmartAccess, BinIQ and SmartMetrics. Each module extends bundled functionality to hospitals that addresses a key aspect of their supply chain operation.

SmartHouse coordinates warehouse management to enable a unified view of all mission-critical supplies. The transportation of these supplies is managed through SmartMove, which works seamlessly across multiple locations. Within the hospital, BinIQ integrates intuitive RFID capabilities to automate replenishments and eliminate time-consuming cycle counts. SmartPredict improves forecast accuracy to cut unnecessary costs and ensure supply availability. Point of use management is made simple with SmartAccess, which extends supply chain control all the way to the patient bedside.

Finally, using SmartMetrics, hospitals can leverage supply chain data to their strategic advantage. SmartMetrics transforms the healthcare supply chain into a wealth of actionable insights, enabling hospitals to better understand supply usage, manage labor and allocate resources. All six modules work together to deliver seamless, end-to-end visibility and control.

According to Rick Hodge, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Winola Lake Health IT, the bundled solutions have made SmartSupply Health more accessible and flexible than ever. “Delivering our SmartSupply Health offering in modules enables hospitals to access precisely the functionality they need with the simplicity they desire,” said Hodge of the release. “The new release is consistent with our goal to provide hospitals a purpose-built solution that delivers transformative benefits while fitting right in with existing workflows.”

About Winola Lake Health IT

Winola Lake Health IT provides healthcare technology and services that address the diverse needs of a number of healthcare roles. Committed to bringing innovative solutions that fulfill healthcare information technology needs, Winola Lake Health IT’s solutions make hospitals, long-term care facilities and physicians’ offices more efficient, improving the quality of care and the patient experience. With a seasoned team of healthcare technology veterans, Winola Lake Health IT takes a consultative approach to solving clinical application problems, working with clients to exceed the goals of their institution.

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