Expect accurate healthcare-ready
data capture everywhere you go.

That’s the power of efficient adaptability, delivered
with Zebra’s CS60-HC companion scanner.

From admission to discharge,

data capture protects quality care by enabling dependable patient identification, specimen tracking,
treatment validation, and more. Eliminate slowdowns while integrating a flexible scanning solution,
fit for healthcare with Zebra’s CS60-HC companion scanner.

Convertible for hands-free scanning

Toggle between two host applications
in a press of a button

Intelligent PRZM scanning that
reads even the smallest barcodes
(wristbands, IV bags, vials, etc.)

Disinfectant-ready design that
handles constant wipe downs

Eye-friendly LED aimer fit for use in
the NICU

Extended 330ft read range

Pocketable size with anti-loss
Virtual Tether

Up to 18 hours of battery power

Harness adaptable scanning intelligence with every trigger pull.

Simplify workflows with a data capture
solution that enhances mobility and accuracy at the same time.

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