We Design Solutions.

Your staff is educated, trained, and highly skilled, but they still rely on technology to do their jobs to the best of their ability. Winola Lake Health IT supports your operational goals by customizing technology solutions specifically for healthcare. We understand your unique challenges—patient safety and privacy, staff productivity, budget constraints, to name a few. Rely on our expertise to identify the best path to success with hardware and software:

  • Mobile medic carts (workstation on wheels)
  • In-room monitoring systems (wall arms and wall mounts)
  • Point-of-care computing devices (barcode scanners, mobile computers, mobile printers)
  • Infectious control devices (washable keyboards, sanitizing chargers)
  • Help desk system software
  • Supply chain management platform

Your patients put their care and safety in your hands. Put the technology in ours. Contact Winola Lake Health IT to discuss your technology challenges.

Eliminate downtime from device failure

Protect your investment in technology and your staff. With Winola Lake Health IT’s repair service, we put a technician on-site to provide preventive maintenance and rapid repair.

SmartSupply Health: Plug your supply chain drain.

45% of your healthcare operating costs are tied up in the supply chain. Tighten control with better visibility with Winola Lake Health IT’s cloud-based SmartSupply Health software platform.

Winola Lake Health IT Is Here For You.

Learn how you can maximize your IT infrastructure with the knowledge, guidance, and experience tailored for you.