Workflow Efficiency

Maximize staff productivity and patient care.

Free up your caregivers to allow more time for better patient care.

Technology can increase the productivity of your staff while also ensuring that critical record-keeping and administrative tasks are done with greater accuracy.

Mobile technology enables your staff to complete all monitoring and documentation with ease and accuracy. From barcoded wristbands to mobile scanners, computers, tablets, and workstations, equip them with the tools they need to deliver accurate, efficient, and quality patient care.

  • Free up time for tending to patients.
  • Reduce transcription and medication errors.
  • Eliminate duplicate order entry.
  • Instantly access patient’s history.
  • Automatically update records.
  • Accurately record medication and treatment administration.
  • Easily connect with physicians and caregivers.
  • Reduce unnecessary movement between nursing station and patient rooms.
  • Expedite prescription orders.
  • Increase billing accuracy and efficiency.
  • Create trackable audit trails.
  • Gain real-time visibility

Winola Lake Health IT covers every aspect of mobile healthcare technology solutions. We customize the software, provision the hardware, provide training, handle device management (including spare pools) and offer support. Winola Lake also brings extensive knowledge and experience, and strong partnerships with the leaders in healthcare technology.

Winola has clinical people on staff that will come on site in order to help the hospitals not only implement the technology but to help create a complete workflow efficiency. This is centered around technology that will make the end user more productive and provide benefits through the combination of hardware and workflow efficiency that positive changes can provide.


Training on your time schedule

Your nurses are busy, so we make it easy to deliver effective training on all of our solutions. Winola Lake Health IT’s computer-based training (CBT) modules are customized to your specific technology solution. Physicians, nurses, and other staff can train online at their own pace—at any time, from anywhere—and always have access to our professionals for support.

Contact us to optimize your staff’s time and put more emphasis on patient care.

STAT Ticket: Expedite help desk support.

We make it one-click easy for your staff to report incidents, ask questions, and offer suggestions. STAT Ticket automatically opens the ticket and routes the request to the right person.

Zebra HC: Purpose-built mobile devices for healthcare

Choose mobile devices that are designed to handle healthcare’s challenges. Zebra’s purpose-built scanners, handheld computers, and printers are designed for easy sanitization, rugged reliability, and safety. Check out Zebra’s healthcare-specific technology.

Winola Lake E-Learning

Learn more about how e-learning with Winola Lake can increase workflow and efficiency in your healthcare setting.

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