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STAT Ticket Automated Help Desk

With STAT Ticket, your staff can report a problem with one click. Just tap the screen icon and enter the report information. The system automatically opens a help desk ticket and routes the message to the appropriate department.

Close the gap in your incident reporting with STAT Ticket from Winola Lake Health IT. Contact us to schedule a 30-day trial.

SmartSupply Health

The cloud-based SmartSupply Health platform provides six modules to maintain real-time visibility over your supply chain. Easily manage your supplies inventory to control the high cost.

  • 45% of healthcare operating costs are tied up in the supply chain.
  • 30% of patient care costs come from medical supplies.

Eliminate waste while ensuring all the necessary supplies are readily available as needed. Contact Winola Lake Health IT to schedule a free demo.


Patient Monitoring

G Medical Innovations is at the forefront of the digital health revolution, developing the next generation of mobile health technologies. G Medical Innovations, an Israeli based company, brings forth the experience and expertise to deliver best-in-class solutions to address this global opportunity. G Medical Innovations is ushering in a new era of healthcare and wellness by empowering a new generation of consumers, patients and providers to improve health outcomes and quality of life.

Field Report: Children’s Hospital Boston

The IT Department at Children’s Hospital Boston (CHB) installed STAT Ticket on all of its 7,500+ computers across 20 locations. Prior to using STAT Ticket, the heavy call volume caused bottlenecks, often with multiple exchanges over the same issue. The automated system has decreased the phone and email communication and reduced the ticket queues from 100 to 40.

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