IT Consulting and Management

Design, Deploy, and Maintain

You specialize in delivering quality healthcare. Winola Lake Healthcare IT supports that objective by allowing you to focus on your specialty, while we provide ours.

Our dedicated expertise in your industry enables us to narrow in on the challenges, build the solutions, and then ensure that your IT infrastructure is strong, reliable, and secure.

  • Assess your current workflow, IT systems, hardware, and software.
  • Evaluate current and future challenges.
  • Develop a comprehensive IT plan with built-in versatility to easily adapt to changes.
  • Deploy new and upgraded solutions to strengthen the IT infrastructure.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance of medical device integration.
  • Monitor the network and provide connectivity support.
  • Update operating systems and applications as needed.
  • Deliver preventive maintenance to maximize product life.
  • Automate and manage the Help Desk process.
  • Configure, deploy, and decommission hardware, and maintain a spare pool to reduce downtime.
  • Provide regular status reports.


Winola Lake Health IT has recently partnered with Atrium Health & Senior Living to provide and streamline all of their health IT resources. Read more to find out how our Mobility Medic Program is working for them, and how it could be implemented into your healthcare setting.

Field Report: Atrium Health

Atrium Health operates 44 long-term care and specialty facilities throughout New Jersey and Wisconsin. Winola Lake Health IT staff works on-site to manage the diverse IT tasks—from network support to repair of all mobile, point-of-care devices. Ask us how you can gain the benefit of on-site management, supported by our strong network of healthcare IT professionals.

STAT Ticket: Put more “Help” in your Help Desk.

We make it one-click easy for your staff to report incidents, ask questions, and offer suggestions. STAT Ticket automatically opens the ticket and routes the request to the right person.

Mobility Medic: Keep your carts prepped and powered.

Winola Lake Health IT’s Mobility Medic Cart Services manages your carts, so they’re ready when and where you need them—from preventive maintenance to power supplies.

Winola Lake Health IT Is Here For You.

Learn how you can maximize your IT infrastructure with the knowledge, guidance, and experience tailored for you.