WinolaLake FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Technology changes so fast. How can we keep up with the latest advancements without having to replace devices all the time?

The answer is “Plan carefully.” Yes, technology keeps advancing but by choosing future-proof solutions that adapt to changes, you can avoid driving up the total cost of ownership and instead, stay on track to see the ROI you expected. Plan strategically for your present and future needs, and you can get more life out of your legacy devices.

We have an IT staff. What can you do that they can’t?

Many hospitals employ an IT staff—and they should. With the increasing number of users and devices and the demands on the network, their time will be best spent on network management. Winola Lake Health IT can support your team by managing your IT devices, providing on-site repair, provisioning and maintaining the hardware, and monitoring the infrastructure to offer suggestions that an internal team might be too busy to handle.

Many staff members use their personal devices on the job. Is there an advantage to investing in purpose-built enterprise devices?

Yes, quite a few. Security is a big factor in the choice of whether or not to allow unsecured devices to access your network. Enterprise-level mobile computing devices (computers and tablets) protect your network with more security. They are also designed with durability, to be rugged enough to withstand the tough conditions of the healthcare workplace. Purpose-built devices add a layer of protection by featuring the ability to withstand chemicals and cleaning solvents required for sanitizing.

Our staff is very busy and doesn’t have time for the technology training so how can we make it easy?

First of all, choose technology that is user-friendly. Mobile computers, for example, that look and perform like consumer smartphones and tablets provide an easy transition for users. We consider the ease of use to be a considerable factor in choosing the right hardware and software for our healthcare customers.

We also offer computer-based training (CBT) so that users can go online to gain the skills and knowledge they need, on their own schedule. Of course, we’re always available to provide on-site training, too.

What does your on-site technician do?

We provide a certified service technician for a specified schedule (e.g., one day a week, two days a month). On those days, the technician handles preventive maintenance, repair service, upgrades, and any other IT services required. He or she can also check the in-room devices and the battery life on the mobile medic carts.

How can STAT Ticket ensure that help desk requests get to the right person?

The program is coded to recognize certain terms in an incident request. This feature differentiates an IT problem from an engineering or facilities issue, for example. The algorithm eliminates the need for the user to “guess” at which department should be alerted to handle the problem. With this Intelligent Communication System, the incident request is automatically routed to the correct department for resolution.

How can we implement or upgrade our technology and service without capital expense?

Winola can provide finance/leasing or technology as a service plan for your rollout.

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