Welcome to the Medical Cart Rebate Program…

Where we take your outdated and broken medical carts and give you cash rebates towards your upgraded workstation on wheels.

Medical carts are vital in delivering smooth and efficient patient care,

which is why outdated and malfunctioning carts often end up tucked away and out of use. To free up your
storage space and empower your staff, Winola Lake partners with various recyclers in our Medical Mobile
Workstation Recycling Program.

Eliminate wasted space from broken technology.
Reduce fleet size with new and improved technologies.
Reduce service calls and break/fix hassles
Improve patient care workflows

We recycle your medical cart while you get store credit towards your upgraded workstation on wheels. It’s that easy:

You submit a
Recycling Request
We pick up your
mobile workstations
You’ll receive a recycling
certification along with a $100
purchase credit per cart

Check out the full program details in our guide.    


Winola will also offer a fleet assessment and report on the health of your carts to assist in
the planning of cart retirement and replacement. As part of a Preventative Maintenance
Program, Winola will maximize the lifespan of existing carts and minimize downtime before
carts are sent to pasture.

Winola has additional “recycle for credit” opportunities for Label Printers, Computers,
Monitor, and other dated technologies.

At Winola Lake, we are committed to providing better care for both our patients and planet alike.

Request your recycling pickup today to get started.