STAT Ticket Automated Help Desk

One-click incident reporting = Faster response.

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    How does your staff respond when something needs to be fixed?

    “I’m too busy to full out a Help Desk web form right now.”

    “I’m sure someone else will notify the right person.”

    “I’ll leave a note for the next shift to deal with it.”

    “Which department handles this?”

    “I don’t remember the extension for that department. I’ll just put a sticky note here.”

    “I’ve got patients waiting. I don’t have time to sit on hold with the Help Desk.”

    Stat Ticket - Doctors Helping Nurses to learn Stat Ticket
    Stat Ticket - Doctors and Nurses Using Stat Ticket

    Reduce downtime.

    With STATticket from Winola Lake Health IT, your staff can report a problem with just one click.

    Avoid wasting time trying to track down the right person or department, or pinpointing the correct application. Just click on the screen icon to open STATticket and enter the report information. The system automatically opens a help desk ticket and routes the message to the appropriate department.

    This intelligent communication system:

    • Works across your enterprise, with any device and network
    • Interfaces with any Web-based ticketing system
    • Automatically captures back-end information and screen shots
    • Can be configured to deliver via text, email, voice call, web service, or custom integration.


    Automated help ticket generation in SECONDS

    1. Click STAT Ticket Icon
    2. Type Comments
    3. Click send

    Send recieves an automatic email confirmation of Help Desk receipt immediately and email notification when issue is resolved.

    STAT Ticket Interface

    STAT Ticket:

    • EAST reporting of nearly any facility or IT issue
    • Significantly increases quality and frequency of issue reporting

    Put an END to:

    • Help Desk hold time
    • Time wasting information gathering
    • Cumbersome Help Desk processes that needlessly increase stress
    • Issues that should have been fixed, but go unreported due to process frustration

    STAT Ticket Demo

    Take the psychological burden of reporting IT issues away, with STATticket. View our short demo on how STATticket helps staff report, and therefore solve, 95% more IT issues!

    STAT Ticket WhitePaper

    Get a closer look at STATticket and see how it simplifies helpdesk reporting. Join Winola Lake Health IT President Rick Hodge for a one-hour webinar, including a Q & A session. Click here to choose the date that’s most convenient for you.

    Field Report: Children’s Hospital Boston

    The IT Department at Children’s Hospital Boston (CHB) installed STAT Ticket on all of its 7,500+ computers across 20 locations. Prior to using STAT Ticket, the heavy call volume caused bottlenecks, often with multiple exchanges over the same issue. The automated system has decreased the phone and email communication, and reduced the ticket queues from 100 to 40.

    Close the gap in your incident
    reporting with STAT Ticket

    from Winola Lake Health IT.